Our goal

How do we build an experience that users rely on for making life’s major financial decisions?

• Create long-term value to users

• Build confidence in products

• Personalize the experience


Cobranded Deposits Flow

Goal: To create a deposits experience for featured partners that allows users to select and fund their account on the Bankrate site.

My role: Lead UX, Sprint Facilitator, Stakeholder 

Bankrate’s deposits rate table historically has sent users off-site when they select a product they want. In an effort to reduce the breakage between onsite response rate and actual funded accounts, we are exploring allowing users to go as far as opening and funding their accounts on the Bankrate site.


Mortgage Calculator

Goal: To create a calculator experience that is engaging, educates users and increases lead form submission (primary conversion metric).

My role: Lead UX, Sprint Facilitator, Sprint Decider, Stakeholder 

Bankrate has several variations of mortgage calculators that rank highly through SEO. Most of the users that interact with a calculator either bounce or head towards more educational articles, which leads us to believe they are relatively low intent (especially versus users that enter more rate-driven search terms). With our new design, we wanted to create an experience that was more engaging to users, and accommodated for users at different stages in the home buying process.




Bankrate Account Experience

Goal: To create an educational and interactive authenticated account experience that gives users access to their credit report for free.

My role: Lead UX, Stakeholder 

We overhauled the previous authenticated experience that had quite a bit of experience and technical debt. We wanted the new experience to feel more on-brand and modern, but also to educate users better about what the items on their credit report actually mean and provide customized product grids based on their credit score.


Key projects in 2018

Authenticated experience

Deposits flow to allow account creation on site

Credit Card category pages 

Mortgage calculator

Mortgage rate table


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