AT&T Digital Cart Experience

Goal: To create an e-commerce solution that allows users to purchase TV and internet plans digitally

My role: Lead UX, Sprint Facilitator, Sprint Decider, Stakeholder


Though Red Ventures originally found its success with websites that pushed to a phone-based sales center, they understood the need to meet customers where they were, and begin to sell our partners' products digitally. As part of that shift, I was tasked with creating an optimal checkout flow for our mobile and desktop sites, while making sure we adhered to the API constraints dictated by our partner. 

Because of the scope of this project, we broke it into two parts: Product Discovery and Checkout Flow. We first focused on building out our ideal user flow for empowering users to find the right product for them. Then we focused on working with the API constraints to get users through the cart as quickly and seamlessly as possible.



API constraints were the biggest challenge within this project. The API was created for a phone-based sale, and translating that to a digital buy flow took some creativity. We had to work closely with our engineer teammates to make sure the solution we developed was feasible. 


I facilitated a Co-Creation Design Sprint for this project with the broader partner team. This group included Design, Content, Analysts, PMs and Front Ends. I ran a series of design thinking activities over the course of three days, including Scenario Mapping, How Might We Notes, Journey Mapping and multiple rounds of sketching and voting. We ended the Sprint with a white boarded Storyboard of our final flow.

IMG_1604 2.JPG


Because of the complexity of this project, I spent time thoroughly wireframing the solution we landed on in the sprint. I focused first on framing out the primary user flow for discussions with Stakeholders and for running some usability testing.

I then worked on adding additional screens and alternate flows. What happens if a user fails credit and has a deposit due today? What is the flow if someone goes back and changes their plan? I worked closely with our Engineering team on these secondary cases to make sure my solutions were viable.

Final design