Our goal

To create digital cart flows for all of Red Ventures’ Telco partnerships.

• Build value around product bundles

• Streamline number of inputs


AT&T Cart

Goal: Create a cart experience that builds value around internet and TV packages and makes the check-out process as simple as possible.

My role: Lead UX Designer, Sprint Facilitator & Decider

Due to the complexity of this project, we approached it with a Design Sprint. We spent Day One focused on Discovery – we learned the complex API calls and the order in which they needed to occur, we did user interviews with sales agents that have been taking inbound sales calls, and Empathy Mapping with our personas in mind.

Days 2 and 3 were focused around sketching and alignment, and ended with a story board of our solution.


I also worked on creating digital buy flow experiences for several of our other Telco partners, including DIRECTV, HughesNet and Frontier. Each cart leveraged e-commerce best practices but was customized to the specific personas of each product as well as each product’s unique API.

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