Hi, I'm Heather Buchma. I currently work at Red Ventures as the Director of User Experience. I believe in creating intuitive digital experiences that delight users and drive KPIs.


Bankrate Mortgage Calculator

Created an interactive, engaging calculator experience to allow users to estimate payments and match them to mortgage rates.

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DIRECTV Digital Cart

Working collaboratively to understand a complex product with complicated API requirements to build a user-centric digital buy flow that converts.

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Allconnect Redesign

Rebuilding a Home Services marketplace to appeal to a broader audience and match users to the best products in their area.

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Shine Fertility App

A beautiful, simple app that helps women learn about their fertility, and calculate their menstrual and ovulation cycles, whether avoiding pregnancy or trying to get pregnant.

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HughesNet Mobile Cart

Creating an informative and easy shopping flow, starting with the mobile experience.

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Composer Campaign Manager

Building a tool that allows brands and Brand Managers to launch and manage print and digital ad campaigns. 

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Medicare Marketplace

Pioneering a digital application flow for Medicare Part B & C applicants.

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