HughesNet Digital Cart

America’s #1 Satellite Internet

HughesNet is satellite internet and is available across al of the United States, including Alask and Puerto Rico. Unlike traditional internet providers that provide plans based on speed, HughesNet offers four service plans which offer different data options for all types of users.

Goal: To create an e-commerce flow that will allow users to understand the product and purchase HughesNet internet online.

My role: Lead UX, Sprint Facilitator, Sprint Decider, Stakeholder 


The Problem

Our team was tasked with coming up with a digital buy flow for HughesNet Internet service. Red Ventures has historically run digital experiences for HughesNet that drive phone calls into our sales center, so building a way to allow customers to transact online was a big priority in 2017.



HughesNet is satellite Internet and is therefore priced by data allowance (similar to cell phone plans), not speeds. One of the biggest challenges of this project was explaining our products in a way that made sense to new customers.

Another challenge would be failed credit conversion. Because HughesNet service requires a satellite to be installed on your roof, part of the digital buy flow includes running a credit check based on the user’s last four of their Social Security number.

Not only is it challenging to convince users to share this personal information, but if their credit score does not meet HughesNet’s threshold, they are required to buy their satellite instead of renting it. That comes with a hefty price tag of $300-400. We knew going into our sprint that we would have to be creative around how we message this investment and build value around it.

IMG_0391 (1) copy.jpg



We focused our solution on an informative, yet simple, shopping experience. Based on the pain point we uncovered during Discovery of users not understanding the pricing structure of the products, we gave the plan cards a visual treatment that indicated that plans were increasing in size/data allowance versus speed. 


We also aligned on an optional product recommendation flow. We went with a simple screen of four inputs, to make finding the right plan feel simple and fun. The rec flow slides up over the product grid, and once engaged with, lands users back on the plans grid with the recommended plan flagged. 

The biggest success of this project was that it was our first attempt at our own custom Co-Creation methodology. I worked closely with the VP of Design to create our series of methods to gain alignment and enhance our speed to testable prototype. This process has since been iterated upon and applied to many projects throughout our company. Feel free to read more about my Co-Creation Methodology here, and view the prototype of our cart below.