Digital and Print Ad Publishing Platform

My role: Lead UX 


The Mymove team wanted to create a tool, called Composer, to replace their very manual process of creating and launching partner ads. The original process involved every ad being custom coded by a talented back-end developer. So the first goal of this project was to free him up to work on more important projects, but the long term goal was to build a platform that partners could interact with to both launch and monitor their ad campaigns.

"Build a platform that partners could interact with to both launch and monitor their ad campaigns."


A little backstory: I stepped in and took over this project about a week in after a UX teammate got sick. Luckily I had been involved in the kickoff, so I knew what we were working towards but I wasn't as involved in some of the initial research phase. So this project didn't quite go according to my ideal "UX Plan," but isn't that just how it goes sometimes 😉

So my process – or list of priorities – in this instance was:

1. Clearly define the MVP, while making sure it was also a step towards our end product goal.
Our MVP was a dashboard that would allow our Client Managers to set up campaigns and build the creative without any design or development resources. Our end goal is to have a tool that the clients themselves could interact with, so the core functionality would remain the same but the user would change. 

2. Create a dashboard framework with room to grow.
I wanted to build a dashboard that accommodated our MVP but also had room for increased functionality as the product continues to grow. Critical to this was keeping main functionality vertically stacked vs horizontal, so there was more space to layer in additional tabs and keeping a clear delineation between the area for tool-related tasks vs user-related tasks. 

3. Build a flow that made creating ads really simple and intuitive. 
Once a user chooses to create a new ad, what is the flow that feels the most natural and makes creation feel simple.


We landed on a dashboard that allows for product growth, and that creates an intuitive, simple ad launch process. I’ve included a few wireframes in the carousel below of the primary experience.

The Dashboard Overview allows users to see a quick summary of how the live campaigns are performing and launch any campaigns that are pending and approved. Post-MVP, this overview will have data visualization elements as well so users can get a higher-level overview of their overall performance.

I broke the offer creation into five simple steps. In the Creative step, a user is able to upload assets or pull from a brand asset library. This functionality recognizes that the user is not a professional Creative and creates a fool-proof, plug-and-play template for offer creation.

The user also has the option to tab from the Dashboard Overview to an Offer Overview, which allows for even deeper offer engagement. Users can pause and edit offers from this screen.